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* i told him don't let my actions mislead you. i fuck with you but i don't need you.


A Taurus Woman is the strongest woman in the zodiac. They are not one to mess with. Unlike the other 11 signs of the zodiac, what you see with her is what you get, no hidden agenda.that would be my baby girl

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Progressive Christian, learning how to be proud of being a Christian again

Our job is to love others without stopping to inquire whether or not they are worthy. We were far far from worthy when Christ loved us!


Ha True Story Bish Ill Never Give up IM A LiFeR! Just relax now best has yet to CoMe HooChiE Mama! Looking all sluty bahhahaha I feel sorry for your only child your son

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I know you don't understand or comprehend the term -loyalty. But when you marry someone you become ONE, and you are each other's family now. Making fake, money hungry, busy bodies- irrelevant & non existent.

If life can remove someone you never dreamed of losing, it can replace them with someone you never dreamt of having.

'If Life Can Remove Someone You Never Dreamed of Losing, it Can Replace Them With Someone You Never Dreamt of Having', inspirational quote by Rachel Wolchin.


Everybody isn't your friend.At the end of the day, real situations expose fake people, so pay attention.


Everything is true about me except I ain't beautiful. I am beyond gorgeous actually lol but the rest is true.