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To quote Joan Rivers: " Do not fuck with me. I was a bitch before you were born. May you RIP Joan Rivers,.

Probably murder me more.

Story of my amazing life! Most of my homesizzles want to murder me,they don't like me, but I can't make people have good taste. Their loss I am a bundle of sarcastic quotes and rainbows

Read this guys

Funny pictures about Five deadly words used by a woman. Oh, and cool pics about Five deadly words used by a woman. Also, Five deadly words used by a woman.

You know who you are! You can't turn a hoe into a housewife!   Everything comes full circle!

Humor ecard: Eenie meenie miny moe You aint nothing but a hoe You think you're cute You think you're classy Newsflash girl You're fricken nasty LMAO terribly funny and accurate

Cannot put enough EMPHASIS on this fact.

You'll never be me or have my life. PLEASE get this thru ur head- & stop implying that I do! U just love the drama.

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The oath to inner piece begins with four words.... not my fucking problem.

Funny points that cut right to the truth and make us ashamed to agree with them. - - funny, Funny Pic, New Funny Meme

I think I have Alzheimer's because I can't remember when I asked for your fucking opinion

Now that's funny! And accurate! Oh, if I haven't told you yet - William and I both hate your fucking guts, and Greg's! He saw all the injuries on me from you bitch, now he knows what you did!