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Nothing I said was bullshit. You broke me in unimaginable ways. You shattered so much of me. All so I would leave you? He was never in the picture that way. Not until a short while ago. You put me through hell and did so many fucking things to me. I wasn't loved or appreciated. You were the one who had others. who didn't care. I cared I was loyal and I loved you. I still do but I can never be your again or love you again. For that would be signing my death certificate.

Quand les artistes parlent de leur dépression : 25 dessinateurs illustrent ce que c'est que de vivre au quotidien avec la dépression

Artists Portray Depression And The Results Are Scary Drawing look very scary like bullying, It's make me feeling scared because of their red creepy eyes, They are strangers look at this person was like depressed. Well, I feeling very sad.

The great Duane Michals - Boogie Man Sequential. I like this photo because its a scary yet exciting story. the little girl is being sucked into the demon

Les séquences photographiques de Duane Michals

Citation d'un passant ou d'un vieux sage

svnddlsnts: “ Drawlloween 2016 Day 25 - Monster ” [£] Considering they're the things that literally invented the concept of evil, yes.

I dont belong anywhere

This pic is so inspiring And I think it got to meaning the first is when the whole word stop in a moment for u it didn't actually stop but it's all in ur eyes bcuz of something bad and sad happened to u it feels like nothing means anything no more and u

Tagged with Inspiring; Shared by Here are some anxiety and depression pictures. I find them really interesting because they are just monsters inside of us



i can't tell if it's protective or slightly un nerving

The best visual representation I've seen, to date, of the depression beast. Menacing and yet somehow comforting in its forced solitude.

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Paper sizeOriginal artworkMixed midia on paper reproductions/prints will be made)

Bill Cipher Gravity Falls

You're Playing With Fire, Kiddo

Here, my poster to the new Gravity Falls episode "Dreamscaperers".~ Gravity Falls©Alex Hirsch Art©Me You are playing with fire, kiddo.