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Captain Hook - Once Upon a Time Lifesize Cardboard Cutout **I might NEED this** Scratch that! I DEFINITELY NEED this!!

Captain Hook - Once Upon a Time

Captain Hook. OUAT.

once upon a time captain hook quote And he is very willing to fight for Emma!


Devilishly handsome Colin O'Donoghue AKA Killian Jones (Captain Hook from Once upon a time)

The Emma & Hook and Rapunzel & Flynn parallels  Aw this is cute I just ruined once upon a time for myself however I hadn't gotten that far yet HAHAHAH

And the thief helps the princess realize who she really is, and reunites her with her family by making a huge personal sacrifice.

The Emma & Hook and Rapunzel & Flynn parallels. This makes me happy because Tangled is my favorite Disney movie, and I ship Hook and Emma, and Flynn and Rapunzel the most.

This is my life

' The Evil Queen & Rumplestiltskin & Prince Charming & Snow White & Emma Swan & Captain Hook - Only The Best Are Troublemakers I feel like Emma & Snow's wrap sheets would be a lot longer. Like a lot.


Captain Hook Emma Swan Killian Jones Colin O'Donoghue Jennifer Morrison Once Upon a time If you take place like thanks Miriam

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