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They really need to make a punk princess to show that being different and weird can still be beautiful. Also Disney should make a bald princess to give hope to cancer kids.

Emo Rapunzel.

This is Amber and she is 16 She loves being goth and she has the power to control people

“Finding Emo” | 15 Hilarious Photoshop Responses To Twitter's #1LetterWrongMovie

15 Hilarious Photoshop Responses To Twitter's #1LetterWrongMovie

Sydney age 17 She can't wait until her birthday when she can get out of the orphanage ADOPTED  another amazing edit!

Top 10 Most Stunning Photos Of The Northern Lights

I think I remember reading a Jelsa fanfic where Jack gives Elsa a snowflake tattoo kiss thing on her neck 😆😆😆😆