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book binding

Art:A case-bound, or hardcover, book is composed of a number of specific parts, which are assembled through a series of steps. The manufacturing process is similar for most books.// Helpful if you need to know what part of your book needs repair.

SWAPs are a great addition to any Girl Scout World Thinking Day or International celebration. Print these miniature international postcards for scenic SWAP tags. Free printables available at MakingFriends.come

International Mini Post Cards

MakingFriends International Mini Post Cards Print miniature international postcard tags for scenic Girl Scout Thinking Day or International Night SWAPs

party idea: Book Exchange Party...this is awesome, except instea of wrapped book I would do like a clothing swap but with book and book accessories for everyone to "shop" the table for books, etc.  Maybe include one new wrapped book for a number picking exchange.

Book Exchange Party {Adult Party Ideas}

Working on the Comic Artist badge for Girl scouts. several comic strip templates

Print comic strip templates and choose from 34 comic layouts that vary from equally sized panels with up to 20 panels to varied sized panels.

Basic Preservation by the Preservation Advisory Centre of the British Library (pdf)

Information about the preservation, conservation, storage and security of the British Library collections.

book making - sketchbooks!

Beautiful Ways to Repurpose Old Books

Basic Sewing for a Booklet: Bookbinding Instructions / Merge Leon. Because I'm too lazy to find my notes from my college bookmaking class.

Library Media Center / Around the library

How to Find Items in the Library / Interesting way to teach Dewey Decimal. great explanation on website!

Because libraries count!

10 Reasons Why The Internet Is No Substitute For A Library Three cheers for libraries and librarians!