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E-learning for Kids

E-learning for Kids

Can You Be Easily Hypnotized? You Can't be hypnotized!  You are a very firm believer that no one can make you do anything you don't really want to. You are not easily influenced by others and you win in every debate. To sum it up- you are one tough cookie that cannot be manipulated by others. Be glad, you have a special ability that only a few people possess!!

Can You Be Easily Hypnotized?

Hypnosis Level: Can You Be Easily Hypnotized?

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For all you mortals who have trouble remembering all the different pottery designs Art History: Greek Pottery and Ancient Greek Styles of Ceramic Art

Year Round Homeschooling - Page 3 of 32 - By Homeschool Moms For Homeschool Moms

In this months composer music study, you can learn all about the "King of Ragtime," Scott Joplin. He packed in some amazing music in his short life.

Visit http://bestnootropic.org to learn about brain supplements that can increase your memory, boost your intellect and improve mental clarity and focus

"Sticky Teaching" - Smart Teaching, understanding what a brain can't ignore (infographic, from Chris Lema) these verses! All year I've been trying to study and mimic how Jesus, the Great Teacher, taught. Good reminder for me!

Anyone can learn to code! Spend an hour on Khan Academy learning to code, with our tutorials in JS, HTML, or SQL.

Free computing courses by Khan Academy. Learn how to code computer programs, how to design algorithms that make computers more efficient, and discover what a career in computing could look like.

iCivics | While this site is dedicated to the study of civics, my students will find it interesting to cover the governmental aspects of American history. #etlobest

Free Lesson Plans and Games for Learning Civics

Dallas Symphony Orchestra web site ... tons of free music education games and information!

Great kid website for helping my children recognize the instruments in the orchestra! Good for the school music class and general musical knowledge!

Now, which color reminds you most of your childhood?

What Color is Your Personality?

Now, which color reminds you most of your childhood?

Awesome website for Printable Logic Puzzles for kids.

Logic Puzzles - Play Online or Print Your Own for Free!