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A Baby Lion Cub snuggling with Mom. This picture is so beautiful, but, why does the Lion Cub look sad?

~~Lion cub posing on the log by Tambako the Jaguar~~

I still have lots of pictures of the Lion park to upload, so here is a new series! :) One of the cubs posing in the outside enclosure of the nursery.

Amazing photo!

Lion family portrait It's like dad is saying "I don't want to say smile"

Les Plus Belles Photographies de Lion 14

Les Plus Belles Photographies de Lions

~~A Handy Chin Rest ~ lioness and her cub by David Lloyd~~

chats sauvages, un lionceau qui dit je t'aime à sa maman

Le côté doux des chats sauvages - 65 photos du monde des grands chats - Archzine.fr

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