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My “little one” is turning 7 months old this Friday.  *sniff*  *sniff*  That means it’s time for “solid” food.  We started a few weeks ago with rice cereal but I think he’s ready for the good stuff. Have you ever thought of making your own baby food?  It’s much easier and less time consuming than …

Making Your Own Baby Food Easy

Baby On a Budget : Making Your Own Baby Food - Cleverly Simple® : Recipes & DIY From Our Farmhouse

This smoothie will keep you full for hours AND help you burn fat all day long! theorganicmomma.c....

Coconut Milk Smoothie For Weight Loss oz. organic coconut tablespoon organic extra virgin coconut raw eggs cup frozen raspberries or other frozen berry frozen banana ◾Optional: 1 tsp- 1 tbsp organic raw honey ( I leave this out but you might prefer it!

Homemade Juice (Kompot). It's a russian thing. Color me intrigued... although I would use something other than apricots.

Homemade Juice (Kompot)

Russian Kompot Juice _ With apricots, cherries, & blueberries. Kompot is a fruit juice made by nearly every Russian & Ukrainian family. There are a gazillion ways to make it. It all depends on the fruit you have on hand.

A 2002 report by the Institute of Medicine (a branch of the National Academy of Sciences) concluded that trans fats are not safe to consume in any amount.

Looking to get a boost of daily energy? Are you dieting? Do you have a skin condition? Or, just want to improve your overall health? Start using our Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. Not only is t Oil guide Cooking oils guide

Bahadurabad Bun Kabab recipe (by Chef Gulzar)

Bahadurabad Bun Kabab by Chef Gulzar at Dawat - Masala TV

Filled with delicious fruits and veggies, this banana peach green smoothie will have you wanting more of the green goodness!

Smoothies are so amazing because of all the possible food combinations that create something delicious, and this banana peach green smoothie is a winner!

Erin McKenna’s Vegan Bakery Now Open in Downtown Disney

Erin McKenna’s vegan bakery (commonly known as Babycakes) is officially open in downtown Disney, the Huffington Post reports. This new locale means visitors from all over the world can get their vegan, gluten-free dessert fix at.