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Dr Glidden side effects decreased vision headaches migraine epileptic seizures severe depression irritability phobias severe PMS hyperactivity in children multiple sclerosis MS chronic fatigue syndrome fibromyalgia birth defects

Top 10 dangers of fluoride / http://www.cheeseslave.com/top-10-dangers-of-fluoride/

Fluoride Dangers: Top 10 Health Dangers of Fluoride

Are you aware of the health dangers of fluoride? Did you know that fluoride can damage fertility, destroy bones and cause early puberty in children?

7 Infographics That You Shouldn’t Miss In The Kitchen | Like It Short

Health Benefits of Almonds Ultimate guide to nuts (the food not the people)! Plus a recipe for sugar cookies I'd love to try :D

Walk your way to better #health. This infographic illustrates how regular walking can lead to overall good health.  #walking

Walk your way to better health. This infographic illustrates how regular walking can lead to overall good health.

fight disease

"Every time you eat or drink, you are either feeding disease or fighting it." ~ Heather Morgan, MS, NLC I love this quote, so true!

#Monsanto is evil.

Monsanto Insiders Dump Stock as the Truth about GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms also found in some foods, herbicides, etc) Spreads across Wall Street: goo .

Bad food

We Now Know Kelloggs in the US Uses GMO in FruitLoops & 4 FoodDyes that are banned in countries!

Get your COLD & REFRESHING on! Use our products in your summer recipes, & let us know! 15% off this month! There is over 400 mg potassium in a single medium-size banana

Why you must eat one banana a day - Bananaaaaaaaa! Who loves bananas? Well, better be eating bananas now!

Aspartame is so bad for you!  Please don't eat Aspartame aka fake sugar found in gums, diet drinks, and sugar-free foods. @ heather Jaye , @holly rivers

What Are The Effects Of Aspartame?

Need to stop by DT & get a jug so I can make this & leave in the fridge for the week.

15 Tips On How To Wake Up and Make Mornings Better

Toxins in Food: Some Real Threats, Some Not [Infographic]

The Truly Dangerous Toxins in Food You Eat [Infographic]

GMOs!!! How much do you eat in a year? Know the companies that paid to keep you from knowing what's in your food. http://DrHardick.com #GMO

The average American eats 193 lbs of GM food each year, what long term effects will it have? Makes a person wonder.

Fruit stickers

Take a second to look at the fruit and vegetables you are buying to see if their sticker starts with the number If so then it is organic with no added pesticides and no GMO's- hmm.I wonder if this is true.

10 rules for better health

10 Rules for Better Health. It's a way of living, not a diet or magic plan that never works anyway. Healthy is a lifestyle. A mindset. Not a number on a nutrition label or scale or clothing tag. Love yourself and take care of yourself!