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Listen I was eating dinner tonight and my radio randomly turned on and for a bit I couldn't turn it off and I swear I thought I was going to be murdered

My whole family are supernatural fans so one time the lights flickered and before anyone could my mom yeld grab the salt! And we put salt around the house just to be safe


Why is it, whenever something happens, it is always you three? Supernatural x Harry Potter crossover.

This would be perfect if it weren't for the comic sans.

What if the Apocalypse actually happened? Haha I love this show.

Shouldn't laugh, but I did :)

"What does the Cas say?" Supernatural<<< Oh my God! I just laughed at this for five minutes straight at this! No joke!<<<<I'm legitimately just sitting in my room with the lights out trying not to laugh out loud.

That's how you become president

supernatural funny meme Because. That's how you become president. Life lessons from Dean Winchester


This is so funny! I love sams face! I love gilmore girls! If I had to choose a fictional boyfriend it would be Dean from gilmore girls!