It's kuzcko

Hahaha This real-life Emperor Kuzko: What's funny is I was watching emperors new groove and I saw this

7 Times When Tumblr Users Proved How Deep Their Disney Love Is |

8 Times Tumblr Proved Their Deep Disney Love

David is better than all Disney princes :) <<< Yes this is true, and I LOVE it, but I thought the same thing about that last comment 😂😂😂


Stop all the drama and look at this picture of Phineas facing the camera

Fandoms are Sid

sid the sloth is my spirit animal - And yes i know that this movie is not a disney movie but hey its funny

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WHAT?!?! That would be BRILLIANT!! Sho plays Chel? JLo? Someone completely cast the whole movie!!! Quick!!!

This is the caption

we need a live-action Road to El Dorado starring Neil Patrick Harris and Robert Downey Jr. <<< I didn't know I needed this until now. I'd watch!