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Jamey gave me the Star Light, Star Bright kit last Christmas. I thought I should hurry up and make it by Christmas I really enjoyed the construction on this design by Helena Tang-Lim.

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Warped squares opened

Sylvia Lambourg (who beads from France) made an amazing single-strand Warped Square bangle, and it's just beautiful. This piece can remain as a single strand of squares, or it can begin a beautiful Machine bangle.

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KingStar KIT and Tutorial - Limited numbers available due to discontinued Swarovski Barrel beads KingStar - five pointed pentagram A newly designed Holiday Season ornament for your tree house window

Stars from Jean Power

Geometric beaded star necklace by Jean Power, amazing detail and colours so beautiful

Christmas 3D Peyote Star Ornament Beaded Red by MadeByKatarina

Christmas Peyote Star / Seed Bead Ornament / Beaded Star / Star in Red, White and Green / Christmas Gift / Beaded Ornament

Beads By Becs - Mrs Picklefish Designs

Beads By Becs - Mrs Picklefish Designs: British Bead Awards