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Attack on Titan AMV - Skyfall

This was my very first attempt at making an AMV, its not great, I know, but like I said. I hope the very few people who watch this enjoy!

Scumbah Colossal Titan by necrowar - A Member of the Internet's Largest Humor Community.

Scumbah Colossal Titan

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Attack on Titan: The Kill: 30 Seconds to Mars Well this is dark

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Mikasa has problems dealing with depression. Poor Armin- he is Eren?

I don't ship it but I'M DYING XDDDDD

((Hanji does impressions of various people in Attack on Titan. Levi spits his tea out when she does Commander Handsome.)) << I spit my tea out too when she did Erwin. << I am literally crying.

Attack on Titan ~~ I feel bad about pinning this, but the image of Levi and Erwin made me do it. ... omg ... Sorry....

Attack on Titan ~~ everyone is so fabulous! (and omg connie XD)

"Mikasa No"

Attack on Titan ~~ Testing a theory. :: Eren in Titan form, Connie, Jean, Mikasa, and Armin