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In Dean Winchester We Trust! ~Supernatural

In Dean Winchester we trust I pledge aliegence to the brothers and to the hunting in which we stand. One person under god for angles and demons .

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Everybody wants a second chance, right? 10x12 About a Boy

"Everybody wants a second chance, right?" I think this picture defines Season 10 Dean perfectly. He still has his soft, funny side, but those moments don't last very long and he's just covered with layers of hurt and brokeness - About a Boy

It was actually really cute the way Sam said that. :) Even though both brothers are really intimidating and menacing (talk about the amazing, terrifying camera shots of Dean we had this episode), they can be really randomly stinking adorable.

I've missed Sassy Sam like no tomorrow! I busted a gut laughing throughout this scene, first this then the dickwad line!