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Cimaruta Charm - Evil Eye protection. Witches be weary, some of these charms are anti witch. Still extremely interesting to learn!

Witches be wary, some of these charms are anti witch. Still extremely interesting to learn!

Decorative. Jewellery

Decorative. Jewellery

A silver cimaruta ('sprig of rue' amulet from Naples, Italy; intended to protect children, it depicts a fruiting sprig of healing rue, and protective symbols associated with the Roman goddess Diana: silver, a crescent moon, frog, fish and key. (Pitt Rivers Museum)

A silver Cimaruta ("Sprig of rue") amulet from Naples, Italy. It depicts a…

5th Century Anglo-Saxon grave of woman and cow found in Oakington.  The burial of animals with people during this time was rare, most of them being men buried with horses.  Cows were an expensive commodity; burying this woman with one showed nothing short of wealth and power.  This is confirmed by the chatelaine (keychain) found on her, which indicates she had access to the community's wealth.

Cow and woman dig find 'bizarre'

Archaeologists excavating an Anglo-Saxon cemetery in Cambridgeshire say the discovery of a woman buried with a cow is a "genuinely bizarre" find.

Traditional 2-sided Cimaruta This talisman is also known as the Witches’ Charm. The word ‘cimaruta" means "a sprig of rue” and in olde times identified the wearer as a member of the Society of Diana, Queen of the Witches. This sterling silver talisman is created exclusively for Raven’s Loft using the lost-waxed jewelry crafting method and hand-finished. The cimaruta bears the following symbols.

The Crossroads Collection includes a variety of beautifully designed items that reflect the ancient symbolism of Pre-Christian European spirituality.