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"Blue Valentine" (2010). I never cried so hard  during a movie in my life...

Blue Valentine ~ Dean(Ryan Gosling): What's your name? Cindy(Michelle Williams): Go away. Dean: That's a weird name.

You've never been in love? If love is setting a place at the table for someone who is never coming home. I think I'll pass. Check our my website! http://www.thisisfromme.com

This isn't love. Love is caring about someone so deeply that it hurts to see them hurt "I remember that it hurt. seeing her hurt" -Stuck in Love

― Before We Go (2014) Harry: You can’t allow the people you love to determine how you love.

I have loved extremely awful people, but they never stopped me from being someone who was a good thing. I could let what they do make me cold, but they simply got to be loved by me, they didn't get the chance to change how I love.

The Help

The Help. Sweet miss constantine. Emma stone's so cute in this scene // movies // The Help // Emma Stone - Viola Davis - Octavia Spencer - Jessica Chastain - Bryce Dallas Howard - Allison Janney//