Going to get my belly button pierced when I have flat tummy

Dreamcatcher belly ring, I'm really thinking about getting my belly button pierced!

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These are so awesome, but they leave unattractive scars when removed.

Multi options browning belly piercing ring by CCCountryCharm

Multi options browning belly piercing ring *would need to get my belly pierced first but thisssss I want.

Love Handles Workout. Maybe pinning this will make my body think I'm being serious & the lbs will just magically melt away... (In my dreams that's the way it works anyway)

How to tame your tum: Is yours a spare tyre or a stress bulge? Finding out your tummy type is the key to getting a perfect midriff

Does anyone NOT have love handles after having a baby? Try this 'Lose Your Love Handles' Workout: 6 Moves to Melt Your Muffin Top to finally get rid of them!