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General Friedrich Kussin the German commander of Arnhem in the Netherlands, was ambushed and killed by British paratroopers at a crossroads on September 1944 during Operation Market Garden.

Lee Miller's stunning images of women in wartime: An exhausted nurse at the 44th evacuation hospital, Normandy, France, 1944.  This photograph was taken a month after D-day at Bricqueville, Normandy. Forty nurses were attached to this mobile hospital, eight miles south of Omaha Beach. Between 5 July and 4 August they treated some 4,500 patients, of which only 50 died.

Lee Miller's stunning images of women in wartime – in pictures

Lee Miller - An exhausted nurse at the evacuation hospital, Normandy, France, 1944

Soldiers of the 45th U.S. Infantry Division compel young men belonging to a chapter of the Hitlerjugend, or Hitler Youth, to view one of many railway cars filled with corpses on the grounds of Dachau.

World War II - American troops force suspected Hitler Youth members to view the bodies found in rail cars at the Dachau Concentration Camp.

Marilyn Monroe Autopsy Photo....Evidence is missing, including the original autopsy, her supposed suicide note (which mentioned suicide not at all), and original police report. Furthermore, the first officer at the death scene has publicly disputed the suicide finding.   In 1985, a 20/20 episode was to air where Robert Slatzer postulates that Monroe was killed by Bobby Kennedy, or was in his presence when she died. The show is cancelled.

Marilyn died on August 1962 in her Brentwood home after going into seclusion for a period of time. Her death was very controversial and many theories were made as to why she died.

View of a row of corpses awaiting burial in the Mauthausen concentration camp following liberation. [Photograph #70154]   Date:	Tuesday, May 01, 1945  Locale:	Mauthausen, [Upper Austria] Austria  Photographer:	Geroge Pippin  Credit:	United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Wesley M. Burritt  Copyright:	United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

row of corpses in the Mauthausen concentration camp 1945 HORRIFIC part of our world's history!

Lee Miller - photography archive |Picasso and Antony Penrose and 'La Dame au Clef' (The Woman with the Key) 1954. Vallauris France.

Picasso et Antony Penrose et 'La Dame à la Clef' - Lee Miller, Vallauris France 1954

Lee Miller by Man Ray

Lee Miller broke convention with her photography (see war photos) "Lee Miller, 1929 (Man Ray) via iconoclassic