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Dancing in the snow • Happy Things

I've never really been in snow :( I've never even had a snowball fight or made a snowman D: But I'll do it all someday ^____^

rarely happens lol butttt i do have this oh so cute straightner, andddd i love it!

what Id do for straight hair or at least the patience to straighten mine

just girly things just-girly-things @Kaleigh Van Elst

i love my bestfriends

especially roadtrips to the beach!

just girl things

Who’s excited for Christmas?  ♡ Pinterest :  @1kco0zwe8r4mzzk

"Got mah Christmas outfit ready!

I have found my soulmate. Wish I could be where he is, right now.

I really like this bride's blue flower/peacock feather hair thingy

as of right now, but im going to.. i promise.

Already flown in a personal plane, but I want to fly while traveling.

YES! I'm eating one as I pin this :)

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Wanting to take cute couple photos


Just Girly Things: Decorating Your Whole House for Christmas

just girly things just-girly-things

just girl things

justgirlythings wanting your own private beach

justgirlythings wanting your own private beach---- this would be amazing

Rarely- I like jeans more

Oversized sweaters, leggings and boots outfits

Happens alot with @carly k. O'Connor and @Kaitlyn Armstrong COOLbertson. SUBWAYS

when you can't stop laaughing.


covering yourself in blankets when you're cold ~ just girly things

Old pictures bring back memorise

I love going through old pictures! The memories :)