Michael Heizer, Nine depressions, Nevada, Nº1, Desierto de Nevada, 1968

Rift (deteriorated) - of Nine Nevada Depressions- 1968 Massacre Dry Lake, Nevada, USA

Earthwork, Double Negative, 1970, Michael Heizer. There's a map at this website

Double Negative - Overton, Nevada, USA, Michael Heizer, Image of Double Negative

I drove 341 miles to see Michael Heizer's 1970 artwork Double Negative, but I have not walked the 150 yards from LACMA's ticket booth to see his freshly installed Levitated Mass. I've been to the museum since the 340-ton boulder was consecrated, but I haven't yet ambled behind the Resnick...

Double Negative by Michael Heizer, Located on Mormon Mesa in the Moapa Valley, near Overton. One hour north of Las Vegas.

Fire Wave - Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada - Miscellanea

Fire Wave by Eddie Lluisma on Fire Wave (AKA Strawberry Swirls, Cinammon rolls, Bacon?) This place is a must visit when your in Vallley Of Fire State Park, Nevada.

Valley of Fire Wave, Nevada.

Rainbow Vista at Valley of Fire State Park in Overton, Nevada, USA Fire Wave Wonder by Brent McGuirt Photography