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Love the teal and purple flower scarf and all the layers

Love the teal and purple flower scarf and all the layers

Summer Fashion: Bring on the Heat | The Bayside Journal

These light and versatile scarves are the original tichel. Used here as both base scarves, sashes and ribbons, we love showing you all the things this scarf can do.

Charcoal Gray Heather Turban Chemo Turban Head Wrap by TurbanDiva

12 Days to Save Charcoal Gray Heather Turban Head Wrap Alopecia Head Scarf Chemo Hat & Scarf Set

Tznius.com - Modest Clothing, Headscarf and Jewish Clothing    This is the "Jerusalem Twist" and a favourite of mine.

How to Tie a Headscarf in the Jerusalem Twist Style. The Jerusalem twist puts an old-world spin on a modern-patterned scarf.

Turquoise Chiffon Belle Head Covering

Senorita Pre-Sewn Headcovering in Blue & White Boutique: Shablula

Festive sinar style head covering made of crepe and chiffon, featuring a fan of material decorated with a stone. Just place this head covering on your head and tie! A Sinar style head covering is made of an apron-shaped piece of material (a large re