what is graphic design?

A great design takes a blend of three things: the ability to think outside the norm, a mastery of the techniques, and the unique style each artist brings to their design. This poster says that in three words and a Venn Diagram.


Hopscotch Music Festival Poster DESCRIPTION: Colourful, bright and fun music poster design. The overall style reflects the genre of the music festival well; indie, rock & roll, country, etc.



bike picture

Just a couple of lines and shapes creating depth and a bike. Bauhaus - Graphic Design 2010 by Kenneth Crispus, via Behance


I really like this design because i feel like it represent almost every J&c student. It is simple and is a good font choice for this picture, if not it would be very ironic! Over all a good quote, and a good font choice.

I found some useful apps from this site. I often use What the Font and Design Tools on my phone and iPad while I'm designing. It's very handy to have resources like these on an accessible and portable device so that you don't constantly have to search on Google for information.

Graphic Design apps are an exciting new tool available to anybody with a smartphone or a tablet. Check out this post for 5 Great Graphic Design Apps!

Weer zo'n mooie poster van restyle.  Expand your view!

Retro Poster Print Pop art poster mid-century art nursery print inspirational quote art Viewmaster - Expand your view


10 Great Infographics For Graphic Designers


Looking at David McCandless' illustration of what makes for effective information design inspired me to articulate my own point of view. In this post, I briefly discuss the importance of affordances, accessibility, and aesthetics in data visualization.