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Lev Trotski boek kwesties van het leven. Ontworpen door Rodtsjenko(1923)

Alexander Rodchenkow, Book Title "Questions to Everyday Life" 1923

Flyer Goodness: Vintage Constructivist Graphic Design by Aleksandr Rodchenko

Aleksandr Rodchenko_ Design for the Lenin Corner in the USSR Workers' Club (Rabochii klub SSSR) at the Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes, Paris,

Nikolai Smirnov, illustrated by Galina and Olga Chichagova, Charlie's Journey, Moscow, 1924. Full book here: http://lobgott.livejournal.com/216507.html

Book design: Nikolai Smirnov - Puteshetvye Charli (Charlie's Journey) illustrated by Galina and Olga Chichagova