July number 4.  Lots of flower charts on this site.

Mark-Mari: Цветочек "Июль site has many crocheted flowers with schematic patterns, can be translated to English

viooltje met telpatroon

It is a website for handmade creations,with free patterns for croshet and knitting , in many techniques & designs.

Crochet Daisy Flower Free Pattern [Video] - Crochet 3D Flower Motif Free Patterns

Crochet 3D Flower Motif Free Patterns & Instructions

Crochet Flower Motif Free Patterns & Instructions: Collection of crochet Flower motifs, lotus, water lily, spiral flowers, new crochet ideas

orange blog  In an Asian language which I cannot read, but I love the photos.

Fun and easy for talented people like my beautiful daughter-in-law.

Flor y paso a paso

I wish Grandma could make me some of these for scrapbooking. I miss my mama so much.