Fragrant Dream

From Dicksons of Ireland, one of the oldest rose growing businesses, we bring you, 'Fragrant Dream' whose rather unique coloring is a blend and shading of soft apricot and yellow. Very beautiful and again a rose with an intense clove perfume.

Rosa "Midsummer" - Rose

Rosa "Midsummer" - floribunda rose - Bred by Hans Jürgen Evers (Germany, Petals are orange-pink with golden-yellow reverse, with yellow undertones. Blooms in flushed throughout the season and has a mild fragrance.


Gorgeous orange colored roses Colorful rose Pegasus-David Austin English rose, blooms with an ivory edge and apricot centers, sweet rose and.

Rosa 'Jacques Cartier'.Rose ancienne Portland

Rose 'Jacques Cartier' another half price purchase Lovely perfume. Planted out opposite fish barrel.


only to be wiped out by monster rainstorms! The silver lining: I got one gorgeous bloom.