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Walk with me

Red Fort, Delhi Girl Who Leads Photographer-Boyfriend Around The World Visits India. The Photos Are Spellbinding

I love horses. Some ask why. Well, I grew up riding, and I still love riding to this day. Horses are beautiful, caring, want to please. Yet people abuse, mistreat and even eat horses. What did they ever do you those people? Nothing. They did nothing but love them.

Beautiful white horse with his graceful neck bent down gettina a kiss from his girl. First Love.

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Spots Appaloosas were bred by Native Americans for their distinctive coloring.

The Red Roan Stallion by WildHoofbeats on Etsy, $35.00

✨The Red Roan Stallion. Photo by Carol Walker. This proud wild stallion lives in the White Mountain Herd Area in Wyoming. His coat shows evidence of battles to defend his large family band, he is amazingly beautiful✨✨