Those nights where you cry yourself to sleep thinking about everything. ><><><><><><><>

Been thinking about this a lot lately. Thinking back to old memories and wishing you could change the past

So Me :)

The littlest things make me laugh.i'm a free spirit.i'm strong and determined.i love to look at the stars.I'm just a girl, and that's all I want to be.


I do NOT hang out with guys because 'it's less drama'. They have drama too, you idiot! However I DO hang out with guys because I don't get along well with girls so :\

I believe in miracles! I've seen them happen in my own life, and I know God loves me!

Even little ones, the kind that happen because other people make them happen, I love kindness miracles, people who had miracles because of someone else's kindness

Nothings beats listening to the sound of falling rain while all snuggled up in a comfy blanket, hot cup of coffee in hand and reading a book.

All the time.... lol

I'm not even a teenager. When I talk about my cat in every conversation, or stop breathing when I laugh, or spew out some random fact about history, the list goes on and on.

yes,yes,yes...but for the grace of my Father.

God is the reason for my life. I love God. He is the reason that I have hope.

More thoughts tangled than my headphones...

I've got thoughts more tangled than my headphones. Especially now that I've got a thing that helps to keep my headphones untangled.

I love taking notes.

I love taking notes.


It's not easy to stay positive when struggling with pain, but we know you can do it! "One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day".