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Really creative way to display soap

Art in the Park 2013

Bath Candy Soap Display Stand - Great Idea that needs to get to a friend. Her soaps are fabulous(Sandy Manson)

Nice craft rack display.

New Soap Rack

Our much anticipated new soap rack arrived last thursday, and we put it to use on saturday. It is a well designed rack that folds down, and each shelf comes apart. We filled it and calculated it .

Getting the preperations ready to make one of my popular soaps, Mint choc chip, so am using cold process soap to make the balls

Edens Secret - Making Soap Balls lol this is long showing making different colors but you get the idea on the first one

Curing Rack for my soap!!!

Curing Rack for my soap! Could also use this for letting the pecans & walnuts dry, bam!

Resultado de imagen para perfect soap workshop

notice there is no drain with hoses in the floor to trip over? I'll bet this has a sink too.

Selling soap - more mistakes to avoid--some sound advice for your craft booth!

Good Ideas for fairs/flea markets, etc. Soap show mistakes, soap choices at craft shows.