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Music center for preschool playground. Spray paint pots and pans and hang them along the fence. Let the students explore with different "drum sticks." They could make music with their hands, hard sticks, or soft covered sticks. Let them discover what creates different noises.
Could do Pom Pom or ping pong xylophone shutes- music wall -found on Omaha Montessori school board
Outdoor Music Station: Xylophones Wind Chimes by OwensAdventures

Outdoor Music Station: Xylophones, Triangles, Cymbal, and Cowbells

Natuurlijk spelen I | Samson Urban Elements B.V.
This is a first attempt at an idea I have had for awhile. This is one image of three in a theme. I don't know what to call the theme yet. I want the image to be simple. I went with different fonts for

Why Poster

Canopy at Wareham St Mary's School, Dorset