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Florida manatees swimming in a spring

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July 2013 Manatees, Florida Photograph by Paul Nicklen, National Geographic Manatees swim close to the water's surface because they are air-breathing mammals. They use their stiff facial bristles to guide food into their mouths.

Swimming with Manatees in the Crystal River, Florida.  Cutest face ever....

Swimming with Manatees in the Crystal River, Florida. One of the greatest experiences I've ever had. Glad my Sweet talked me into it.


Manatee nurses twin calves in Blue Spring State Park, Florida. Twins are very rare for Manatees. Mothers nurse their young for one to two years.

Florida’s Friendly Manatees Photographed By Alexander Mustard

Florida's Friendly Manatees Photographed By Alexander Mustard

Alex travelled to the west coast of Florida, close to Crystal River city, in February, where the animals congregate in the winter. Here, several freshwater springs attract the manatees when their normal ocean habitat becomes too cold.

escrevendo na água!

Marine biologists study the life of marine mammals. If you love the water and sea life, this would be a good career for you! In this picture is marine biologist Barbara Bernier with manatee (Trichechus sp.

swim with crystal river manatees

This isn't in the city, but it's close & something I am dying to do! I've loved manatees ever since i first got to see them in person 14 years ago :)

Devils Den Springs is a scuba diving resort in Williston, Florida

very cool place to visit even if you do not dive.Devil's Den Springs Scuba Diving Resort - Williston, Florida This is where I got my Advanced Open Water Certification! Thank you, Atlanta SCUBA club!

Silver Glen Springs, FL {one of the most beautiful places I've ever been}...

Hot-Spring Hopping in Central Florida averages winter highs of has more than 240 days of sunshine a year & 700 freshwater springs. Each crystal-clear springs maintains a year-round temp of Blue Springs State Park

Manatee by oceangrant, via Flickr

Crystal River, Florida: In the Florida springs sunfish (bream) gather around a manatee to nibble.