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Pied Pearly Cockatiel

Since cockatiels are easy to keep and readily breed, sufficient numbers of them are available for the pet market. Today, all pet tiels are bred in captivity, as Australia no longer permits the export of native wildlife, whether endangered or not.

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Gray Cockatiel - We have one named Chevy. He and Gemma, our conure, are BFF's (Bird Friends Forever)

Clio the cockatiel

Clio the cockatiel


I can feel the little bird claws holding the fuzzy donut of hair. When im home i always have a bird as a hair piece.

Sweet Little Cockatiel

Sweet Little Cockatiel

Baby cockatiel

My newest pet cockatiel, Koko Its only 29 days old! Still a baby xD Koko

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Cockatiel (Nymphicus hollandicus) - In memory of my sweet boy Da Vinci, who passed away yesterday. Original post: In Memory of My Parents Bird "Charlie" He would give you kisses!