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Drunk husband story

Husband Wakes Up After Coming Home Drunk But Never Expected This. funny jokes story lol funny quote funny quotes funny sayings joke hilarious humor stories marriage humor funny jokes

Puts things into perspective

Ahh kids are so nice people should stop acting like we're idiots tbh<<<That is TRUE >> Obviously there's gonna be. Disrespectful kids but that shouldn't be the general assumption for the majority

I swear to fucking god

"That's not art" pffft bitch tattoos are art just like your fucking abstract paintings done by a two year old. Now get your preppy lookin' ass outta here.

"Your period is over now. JK have some brown sludge."

19 Times Tumblr Was Fucking Funny About Periods

For real>>>Thank you for saying viola!! Everyone says, "Oh you play the violin?" "No. It's a viola."

As I player of a piano, flute and piccolo (which basically a higher pitched and smaller flute) this is freaking amazing.

Wifi fighting>>>I laughed more at the rebageled part...it felt good to truly laugh again:)

Wifi fighting>>>I laughed more at the rebageled part.it felt good to truly laugh again:)<<<<rebageling for that pure comment