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Seasoning your food with capsaicin rich hot peppers can help you eat less and burn more fat. Hot peppers suppress appetite and rev your metabolism. Add cayenne to your smoothie or soup.

Colorful hanging pepper arrangements

Colorful hanging peppers @ the Farmers Market. -- In the Paradise I won't be allergic to peppers and many other foods. (Jfp notes these are very colorful for the farmers market)

Cayenne peppers

Shop today and enjoy the Carnivale Cayenne Blend Hot Pepper from Gurney's Seed & Nursery and have confidence in our research, expertise and Gardening Gaurantee.

Hot peppers in many gorgeous colors.

Hot peppers in many gorgeous colors. These round pepper wreaths are called ristras, and are the perfect addition to any Southwest room!

this is not a 'can cook' item. this is just the sexiest piece of food I've seen...ever (comment from previous pinner)

I love figs. And California figs are in season from June to September, so…