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Dineh-Couture by Michelle Silver(a Phoenix- based Navajo Designer). Her designs arise from a unique enthusiasm from Pendleton blankets. Drawing inspiration from the Navajo tradition and modern fashion. Her label, Dineh Couture, reflects elegance, tradition, and contemporary design. Her line emphasizes the female figure, making the classic Pendleton wearable as haute couture. Michelle was a feature designer for The Woman of the Navajo Calendar in 2009 (winner of the North American Indigenous…

Dineh Couture — with Derek Nez and MJ Silver. cut off the dress part and make it a top with those. Leather sleeves and I'd rock it

Fav: Living Arrow: Traditional Navajo Rug Dress-Rachel Lee

Rachel Lee Bowman, my eldest daughter. Her Indian name is "Rainbow", she has been a great blessing to me. She is wearing a Navajo.

Traditional Navajo woman models a traditional Navajo womans woven wool dress with typical patterns of the Navajo weaver and decorated with a turquoise squash blossom necklace