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Floral Ice Cubes

Floral Ice Cubes

Project Floral Ice Cubes _ Here's a cool new way to savor the beauty of flowers: Freeze them in ice cubes to brighten drinks.

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Springtime flowers make the prettiest ice cubes!  -- How To Make Floral Ice Cubes From Edible Flowers

Springtime flowers make the prettiest ice cubes! -- How To Make Floral Ice Cubes From Edible Flowers

ice bowl - using two bowls with water and flowers in middle then weighed down and frozen

Chic homemade ice bucket Perfect for a rustic wedding, this chic DIY ice bucket by Kim Fisher of Kim Fisher Designs in Wilmington, N. requires little skill. For summer soirees, substitute berries or flowers for the eucalyptus.

How to make the perfect floral ice cubes...with a few tips like why you should boil the water and how to keep them from floating to the top!

How to Make the Perfect Edible Flower Ice Cubes

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Thinking of a way to dress up your cocktails for your party? How about fruit and herb infused ice cubes? Use mint, raspberries or even rosemary to give your signature cocktail that extra kick!

Looking for a pretty cool way to dress up summertime drinks? Try our technique for taking plain ice cubes from everyday to extraordinary simply by studding them with fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs...

Wow! You've Got to Try These Decorative Ice Cubes

Using petals and small buds in ice cubes is charming and easy to add to edible flower recipes. There are a few things to know when doing this.  Ice cubes can look murky. But if you boil water for a couple minutes and then fill the trays, the cubes will be clearer. Also, the flower will want to float to the top of the water in the ice cube tray. So to fully cover the flowers, fill the water half way up, add the flowers, freeze, then cover the flowers with more water and freeze again..follow…

Entertain Like A Pro This Summer: Fresh flower herb blossom ice cubes for a classy garden party - Hubub

Floral Ice Cubes Recipe

Floral Ice Cubes

Adding edible flower petals are an easy and beautiful way to dress up a homemade cocktail. Brought to you by: Edwards® Desserts