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Dougie Howser

before he was Barney, He stole my heart as Doogie Howser M.

first crushes never die

Clarissa Explains it all. She made me want to have a pet alligator and I loved her clear telephone!

VCRs cost a MINT back in the early eighties!

VCRs cost a MINT back in the Movie rental places like Blockbuster and Warehouse used to rent VCRs as well as videos.

mindy cohn - Google Search- Facts of Life

Natalie green from the facts of life played Mindy Cohn

Bob Ross Accidents memes | quickmeme

The Joy of Painting - Bob Ross, "happy little trees". Mother used to watch these with dad and then she loved watching dad paint.

Boner from Growing Pains - Sadly, he has passed away.

Winnie and Kevin (Wonder Years) My Dad and I used to watch this show together! :D He used to tell me I looked Like Winnie.

The Wonder Years from Fred Savage as Kevin Arnold and Danica McKellar as his crush-turned-girlfriend Gwendolyn "Winnie" Cooper.

45 Facts That Will Make You Feel Old

Pictures That'll Make You Feel Old~yep that did it, feel ancient

Loved me some Jack Tripper!!

"Three's Company" starring Joyce DeWitt, John Ritter and Suzanne Somers,