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I'm Still Horrified

An Afghan girl with some strikingly beautiful eyes…Look at that stare…It’s deadly and it’s a bit wonderful, too…How pretty she is…

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Mullah with so. He has been trained in maternal health and works with villagers to improve women's health, Tirin Kot, Uruzgan

Tell your friends your family that these children could be our sons .. #ChildrenOfSyria  #AssadWarCrimes  #Syria  #Syrian_Revolution

Tell your friends your family that these children could be our sons . Children Of Syria . but they ARE OUR CHILDREN ! One day we'll wake up to this fact

Ballet students at Rwanda’s only classical ballet school. Photo: Caroline Joan Peixoto, City Arts

Caroline Joan Peixoto, City Arts, photographed classical ballet students at rehearsal in Rwanda’s only classical ballet school. This school has given the Kigali community incredible hope as the first post-genocide ballet school.

Pretty indian girl with a nice little smile

souls-of-my-shoes: “ And The Festivity Begins (Boshonto Utshob (by Rezwan Razzaq) ”

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Hot Red Hair Girls 2 Another collection of Red Hair Girls picture. As i told in the previous post "Hot Red Hair Girls Red hair occ.

ツ Alberto Mateo, Travel Photographer                                              • 7 weeks ago                                                                                                   amazing eyes!

10 Most Beautiful Eyes of Ordinary People

Alberto Mateo, Travel Photographer - trying to capture the "look" of the famous Afghan Girl shot photography.

character inspiration

"She only has freckles on one side of her face because she was tied with that side of her face towards the window of her cell. Gives you a better sense of how long she spent tied there.