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Philadelphia-based photographer and self-described "crazy cat man" Andrew Marttila specializes in capturing beautifully expressive portraits of adorable fe

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Wonderfully Hypnotic Macro Photographs of Cats' Eyes by Photographer Andrew Marttila

Choáng ngộp với 15 hình ảnh cận cảnh mắt loài mèo

Artist captures images of cats eyes ingeniously

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Andrew Martilla is a Philadelphia-based pet photographer that has a pretty impressive client list. (Think Pudge the Cat, Lil Bub and the notorious Grumpy Cat aka Tardar Sauce.) When he’s not shooting celebrity clients, he’s coming up with some pretty …

Beautiful Macro Cat Eye Photography

I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew Marttila at Grumpy Cat's Birthday. He's an amazingly talented cat photographer and I'm excited to be able to introduce

Магнетизирующие макрофотографии кошачьих глаз

Philadelphia-based photographer Andrew Marttila has us all in awe with his cat eye series. While he's done photo shoots with cat celebs like Grumpy Cat and

A intensidade do olhar felino nas fotografias macro de Andrew Martilla

A intensidade do olhar felino nas fotografias macro de Andrew Martilla

Macro Photos of Cats’ Eyes Philadelphia-based photographer Andrew Marttila specializes in capturing beautiful shots of cats up close and personal. His latest series includes marco shots of cats eyes showing their colourful detail.

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jedavu: “ Cats Eyes Macro Photography American photographer Andrew Marttila caught cats look in a collection of pictures. By using macro photography technique, he immortalizes the intensity and the.