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The Selection twist....don't know why this made me laugh so hard but it did

The Selection twist.more like one bathroom pass 10 minutes left of class and 16 students that need to go the competition of a life time

That's probably how it went in the whole series:D:D:D♥

I'm sorry but I was so happy when King Clarkson died. I was sad about Queen Amberly though. She seemed like a great person so I don't know how she could love King Clarkson, or if she ever really even did. Excited to read The Queen to find out.

Celeste. And Queen Amberly. And America's dad. And Anne. And Micah even though you didn't even know him it still broke my heart.

The 21 Best Lines From Joey Tribbiani On "Friends". The "moo point" has always been my favorite lol.


Me: Do you know anything about This Selection book? My Sisters: We are what you call experts.