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Humor keeps me alive and going, so I'm honored to be a part of it:) #funny #humor #laughter

Humor is not for everyone. It's only for people who wan to have fun, laugh and feel alive!

I may be the only one who doesn't think this is cute.. but creepy. -.-

Pizza delivery guy tried to hit on my friend's fiancé


When you have a bowel issue along with difficult periods (or an actual menstrual condition) it's very confusing.

That's awesome (rockpaperscissors,awesome,parkingspot)

I'm not even going to get mad about how they say paper rock scissors instead of Rock Paper Scissors. Dude it even autocorrected to capitalize Rock Paper Scissors.

Or instead of doing that why doesn't she just leave you the hell alone and then let you know when you actually pregnant!

But then what if mother nature drops her phone in the toilet and everyone's like WTF