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Among the Yoruba Gelede masks dance of the ‘mothers’, good witches who propitiate and control the power of the ‘bad’ witches who fly at night causing human misfortune, illness, and death. The panels of cloth will flare outwards while being danced giving the dancer a dynamic appearance. | eBay!

Traditional Arts of Africa: Gelede : Art and Female Power among the Yoruba by Margaret T.


Nigeria Ogoni people mask of wood, kaolin, fabric, glass beads, cowrie shells and brass bells.

Nigerian masks

A tiringly goodly collection of mainly African art here. Are the best masks from Nigeria?

Nigeria, Mumuye wood, polychrome paint, elongated head with large tubular eyes, framed by encrusted mass inset with abrus beans (mainly missing), anchor-shaped protruding mouth, pierced around the rim, rep. (breakage at the lower rim), cracks, small missing parts, slight traces of abrasion, base  H: 43 cm H: 16.9 inch    Read more: http://www.tribal-art-auktion.de/en/catalogue185/d10_321/#ixzz3BofpJXEJ

Mumuye helmet mask 43 cm - used to belong to Carl Otto Hultén, Malmö, Sweden…

African Masks - Punu Mask

African masks and African statues from the Punu tribe of Cameroon, Gabon, and the Congo. This Punu Mask measures 13 inches tall.


Bafo secret society mask, southwestern Cameroun ref: Sotheby's

Mask.  See too the following site for additional African mask images and information: http://www.zyama.com/index.htm

African mask from the Yale Museum collection. It's collection of art from Africa south of the Sahara had its beginnings with gifts of several textiles in and it now numbers some objects in wood, metal, ivory, ceramic, and other materials

NO DISPUTE Nigerian Kontagora African Mask by Novica

No Dispute Unique Mask Wall Décor

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor mask wobé grebo

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor mask wobé grebo