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The Most Astounding Airships, Dirigibles and Zeppelins in History

ROYAL NAVAL AIR SERVICE RNAS 1914-1918 (Q 27488)   Three members of crew at work on the starboard engine gantry of a Royal Navy Air Service North Sea (N.S.) type non-rigid airship during an anti-submarine patrol off the British coast circa 1918. None appear to be wearing a safety line. On the upper level the mechanic is standing next to his compartment from which he controlled the 240HP Fiat engines. On the lower level a gunner mans his gun.

“ North Sea Class airship over North Sea The British NS (North Sea) class blimps were the largest and last in a succession of non-rigid airship designs that served with the Royal Naval.

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in super-dreadnought HMS King George V pictured whilst passing through the Kiel Canal on a visit to Germany shortly before the outbreak of in Zeppelin airship overhead. She fought at Jutland in

The British R101 under construction

was one of a pair of British rigid airships completed in 1929 as part of a British government programme to develop civil airships capable of service on long-distance routes within the British Empire.

The R100 over Canadian Bank of Commerce building in Toronto, Canada, then the highest building in the British Empire (August 1930).

An airship flying past the Canadian Bank of Commerce Building, Toronto, 1930

america’s zeppelin, “the los angeles” - october 12, 1924

America’s zeppelin, The Los Angeles - October 1924 crosses the boundary between news photo and art.

March 4, 1936: First flight of LZ 129 Hindenburg Five years after construction began in 1931, the Hindenburg made its maiden test flight from the Zeppelin dockyards at Friedrichshafen on March 4, 1936, with 87 passengers and crew aboard. Photo: Fox Photo/Getty

Trial run Credit: Fox Photos/Getty The giant hydrogen-filled Hindenburg is pictured here on a trial flight at Friedrichshafen on March