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vuurwerk en (huis)dieren gaat NIET samen

vuurwerk en (huis)dieren gaat NIET samen

No dog should ever be left on a chain. It's cruel and unjust.

Animal Neglect - A Personal Cruelty

Yea this didn't make me cry. Nope.

The perfect time of year to remember that dogs are with us for life LoveDogs MansBestFriend BarkingMad

So true!

It's hard ot find a friend that's funny, loyal, sweet, so don't lose or leave me. Losing a Dog quote

Open your eyes and pay attention to what is happening around us!

The Angel's Army United's photo - Killing me for space is NOT euthanasia.

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Anxiety plays peek a boo with my heart. You're either there, or knot. The noose around my neck. The air that ravels through me, is thick. It pokes me in the ribs, demanding that it wants to play. But you don't play fair, no. You're ch.

Pets are family

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Ain't that the truth!!!

So True - What is the point of having a dog tied up outside and never pay attention to it. What a lonely little life wasted.