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Balkans Road Trip Itinerary – Drive on the Left Including: Croatia, Albania, Montenegro, Greece, Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Serbia.

A Month-Long Balkan Road Trip Itinerary, from Albania to Croatia

The Best things to do in Montenegro: Your ultimate Itinerary and perfect for a…

Montenegro Travel Guide: Ultimate road trip itinerary, suggestions and map

The ultimate Montenegro Itinerary for your travels. Use the Montenegro map to plan your road trip and discover this beauty beyond Kotor and Budva.

A collection of interesting pictures I found over the years, Part 15: Architecture (look at my posts for the other parts)

A collection of interesting pictures I found over the years, Part 15: Architecture (look at my posts for the other parts)

God has enabled us to make so many things that don't even compare to his infinite majesty

The best things to do on a road trip in Bosnia and Herzegovina


A road trip is without any doubt the best way to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina. Just drive around, stop everywhere, get out of your car and fall in love.

Ever dreamt of island hopping in Croatia, but put those dreams on hold simply because you felt like you couldn’t afford such a luxury? We’d like to share with you how you can do an affordable Croatia island hopping holiday, and even better, how YOU can set your own itinerary! You decide which islands you want to visit and for how long.

Here is all you need to know about how to create a customized budget Croatia Island Hopping Itinerary, including costs and local tips.

My route through the Balkans, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia #FYROM, Greece

My route through the Balkans

Backpacking the Balkans – the free travel guide for 7 countries in the Balkans!

Backpacking the Balkans - Travel Guide for your Balkan Tour!

Here you'll find all information needed for Backpacking the Balkans based on my own experience of 6 months living and traveling in the region. This is one of the best regions in Europe - don't miss it!

Travel to Balkans: Balkan Trip - visit Greece, Macedonia FYROM, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia in 8 days

Travel Balkans on budget: from Athens to Belgrade - part 2: Sightseeing

A road trip through Soca Valley | http://adventurousmiriam.com/a-road-trip-through-soca-valley/

A road trip through Soca Valley: the real-life Narnia