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Celeb Diary: Chris Hemsworth la premiera "Thor: The Dark World" in Los Angeles

Chris Hemsworth Photos - Actor Chris Hemsworth arrives at the premiere of Marvel's 'Thor: The Dark World' at the El Capitan Theatre on November 2013 in Hollywood, California. - 'Thor: The Dark World' Premieres in Hollywood — Part 2

Chris Hemsworth. Super hot in Thor - The Dark World.   http://www.eventcinemas.com.au/movie/Thor-The-Dark-World

Chris Hemsworth as Thor! I love Thor and Chris is such a great actor!

Liam Hemsworth Shows Up to Support Brother Chris Hemsworth at Thor: The Dark World Premiere | E! Online Mobile

Liam Supports Chris at Thor: The Dark World Premiere

Liam, Chris Hemsworth Love Gale and Thor! Why does Hollywood get all the hot brothers?

THOR: The Dark World New Movie Poster #ThorDarkWorld.  Visit http://bloggingmomof4.com/category/disney/ to see my Hollywood adventures and learn more about other great movies.

THOR: The Dark World New Movie Poster #ThorDarkWorld

Thor: The Dark World. Possibly the most epic Marvel movie yet.

Chris Hemsworth as Leif Erikson, would also be really funny since he plays Thor, and before Leif becomes a Christian he worships Thor.

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malekith the accursed marvel pics HD | Thor 2′ Gets Up Close With Comic Villain Algrim-Kurse in 15 Mins ...

This is Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston's third outing as Thor and Loki, but unfortunately "Thor: The Dark World" just doesn't live up to their first two films as these Marvel characters.


Thor: The Dark World - Thor having to take the tube was funny to watch. By the way, that's his wife people. That's his wife. I'm SERIOUS!

Natalie Portman: Chris Hemsworth's Wife Elsa Pataky Was Stand-In for THOR kissing scenes!

Natalie Portman: Chris Hemsworth's Wife Elsa Pataky Was Stand-In

I just like this pic. Thor: The Dark World

The Least Dateable Superheroes

this Thor costume was used in all the films involving Thor including the avengers film which was released in Thor costume is being worn by an actor(Chris Hemsworth)