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O by Tokujin Yoshioka at Dezeen Watch Store

O by Tokujin Yoshioka at Dezeen Watch Store


Sensis is specialized into innovative wine storage solutions. Take a look inside our design team inspiration.

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twelvemonthly is a ‘monthly life design magazine’./ in everyday life and interpret them in our own perspectives to come up with ideas with exclamation marks /!

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Mutant vase by Yiannis Ghikas has a sci-fi surface pattern

Designer Yiannis Ghikas has created a vase with a ribbed surface inspired by sci-fi effects that show creatures moving under a person's skin.

Neo Marble by Apparatus

Apparatus Debuts New Italian Marble Objects

Working with solid marble from a quarry in Italy, Apparatus' new objects reflect the idea of ceremonial objects at their simplest forms.