Am I Bleeding ??

"i thought i might be.a little bit" a very potter musical- Draco Malfoy

Not directly related to Doctor Who or Sherlock but here's good advice from Starkid. BBC, TAKE NOTE

And if you think that killing people might make them like you but it doesn't. It just makes people dead. It's weird how this is actually really good advice BBC-take notes

Basically sums up most of Harry Potter-- more accurate than the books

This is basically the best scene ever. (A Very Potter Musical) (that last sentence was what fudge said)

A Very Potter Musical/Sequel<3

once upon a time, there was a love story. between the sorting hat and the scarf of sexual preference. -- the sorting hat.the scarf and the hat.

I found Starkid and instantly fell in love... This makes me really happy :)

Wallpaper and background photos of starkid/glee crossover for fans of Darren Criss images.