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(Why do I find this so cute and so painful at the same time?)

yato minemanga yatogami manga for ts noragami stray god noragami spoilers noragamiedit mineNORAGAMI LOL baby Yato was super scary

Noragami #funny

Yatori, in the manga yato actually tries to propose to hiroyoi but gets interrupted every time



雪音 、ノラガミ fancolor 漫画

Yukine, Noragami Is this when he was stealing money?

Open The Sky noragami mangacap

Mainly anime, manga, art and Square-Enix. Eventual western animation and seiyuus.


Day 6 of the 30 Day Anime Challenge: Anime you want to watch - Noragami. I have heard so many good stories about it and I really wanna watch it after the current Anime I'm watching now!

Noragami ~~ We love that smile of his! :: Yato

Just Look at yato's smile and don't tell me that it is not the cutest thing in the worll

Never underestimate Yato's looks. those blue eyes will win u over. | Noragami

Yato has got a lot of girlfriends ( fangirls ) but i ship him Hiyori sooo.