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We took Grands buttermilk biscuits split it in two.  Then put eggs, cheese, and bacon in between the  two halves. Then make a waffles! sarahcline90

Once upon a Time (tv show). I love this show. I started watching after a friend told me to watch it cause I LOVE Disney and she said I would love it. she was right and wrong. I freaking love it and I am obsessed with it

THIS JUST DESERVES REPINNING FOR DAYSSSS<<<There are no bigger shippers of Captain Swan than Colin and Jen. They're the true captains of the ship!!

imhookedonaswan: “ intoasylum: “ The fact that Colin O’Donoghue ships Hook and Emma SO hard is honestly the cutest fucking thing ever. I mean can you just look at this gif please? Is your OTP shipped.

The Emma & Hook and Rapunzel & Flynn parallels!!!! Holy crap...I never even realized

The Emma & Hook and Rapunzel & Flynn parallels. This makes me happy because Tangled is my favorite Disney movie, and I ship Hook and Emma, and Flynn and Rapunzel the most.


Best OUAT and Beauty and the Beast combo ever <<< What a funny girl that Belle

Elsa From Frozen, Once Upon A Time, Step By Step, Anna


Colin O'Donoghue - Killian Jones - Captain Hook - Jennifer Morrison - Emma Swan - Once Upon A Time

A relationship like Cory's and topanga's which everyone wants

When we were two, we were best friends. I mean, I knew everything about this girl. I knew her favorite color, her favorite food. Then we became six, Eric made fun of me because it wasn’t cool to have a best friend that was a girl .

Facebook founder Sean Parker's 10 million dollar wedding

Sean Parker + Alexandra Lenas' fairytale Game of Thrones themed wedding in Big Sur

Oh Rumple, you sure have a sense of humor :)

This scene was so funny (sorry to Emma Swan). - I love how Rumple is always making remarks and inside jokes about the future. It makes me wonder if Regina ever thinks back to moments like this and has a chuckle wishing she'd known then what she knows now.

Burn!..... Okay, I'll shut up....

Says the girl who agreed to marry Hans in 10 mins Hahaha I love Kristoff ouat once upon a time frozen anna kristoff

If you look Emma excepts what Hook's doing and than kicks him HARD

Once Upon A Time this is the cast I have grown to know and love! Like mother like daughter---Beat 'm up, girls! Beat 'm up! Then kiss him and love him and keep being good couples.

What everyone screamed whenever anyone told Snow a secret. | 24 Jokes Only "Once Upon A Time" Fans Will Understand

What everyone screamed whenever anyone told Snow a secret.

What everyone screamed whenever anyone told Snow a secret. 24 Jokes only OUAT Fans would understand.

This is the most amazing thing I've seen     in a while!!! LOVE HER!

Once More on

So awesome! The actress who plays the Evil Queen/Mayor Regina Mills on ABC's Once Upon A Time (Lana Parrilla) in a candid photo choking a Snow White display.